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Vicki Soto

Pink flamingos will always carry a special meaning in my heart.

Victoria Soto so courageously sacrificed her life to save her students on the day of the Sandy Hook Elementary shootings. I never knew Vicki, but I had the privilege of knowing and working with her best friend, Rachel. Rachel keeps Vicki’s beautiful memory alive by honoring her legacy with a bunch of events throughout the year. Rachel asked me to design a logo for Vicki shortly after that horrible day. She often sends me photos of all the ways she’s using it. They always make me smile. Although I never knew Vicki, I can never look at a flamingo without thinking of her. I hardly ever saw flamingos anywhere before, but ever since… I see them everywhere. I think of my baby boys & how she kept all of those Newtown babies safe. You truly are a hero Vicki. I’m honored I can help keep your memory alive in some small way. You were a beautiful person. ? And so is your best friend Rachel. Thank you for your sacrifice.

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